Jobs at Legacy Toys

Want to join our team? We have 15 open jobs!

Legacy Toys is Growing (Just ask Inc. Magazine!)

Legacy Toys, an Inc. 5,000 Award Winner for the last 5 years is one of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in the United States. We're seeking new people to continue our expansion efforts to become a national toy brand and retailer. We genuinely love working in retail; when working in a toy store we get the opportunity to make shopping less stressful, more fun, & memorable. You could be part of this, whether you are looking to start a new career or looking for something part-time or seasonal, we have a spot for you. Joining our team now, would be getting in on the ground floor of an up and coming company that we are super passionate about.

About Legacy Toys

We believe in the person to person experience of retail. We create a fun & memorable engagement, whether or not people purchase something right away or not. We pride ourselves on the fact that when you enter our store you will not get the usual, “Hi, how can I help you?” We are different. We encourage children & adults using the creative part of their minds to explore & learn about the world around us.

Who Should Apply

Are you looking for a fun, engaging & energy filled job where you get to play games and have fun while working? Check out the different positions Legacy Toys currently has available. Our team understands that a lot of hard work goes into providing the experience we offer, and our team understands that sitting around won't continue moving us forward. We work together, communicate, come up with new ideas and learn how we can build the Legacy Toys brand through connecting families and friends through the joy of play. We look forward to hearing from those who are ready to make a difference in our future generations!

As the Great Dr. Seuss once said “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”